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Ready To Party? Don’t Forget the Nipple Covers!

Ready To Party? Don’t Forget the Nipple Covers! published on

We live in a world that moves fast and we need to work harder and harder everyday, the routine can tiresome and stressful, that’s why you may be in need of a little break to go clubbing and dance or maybe get dress up for a nice cocktail party with your friends; whichever your choice will be, you need to know what’s best for your outfit, so today I’m here to give you my personal recommendation about it. When going to a party what you need the most is a bra that can give you all the security and support you need to keep everything in control, so you can have all the fun you deserve while your bra does all the work, but not any bra can work properly and look good under your party clothes, so when it comes to partying the best choice on bras that you can make is buying a strapless one. A strapless bra looks good whether you decide to go for a dress or a nice low-cleavage blouse, there’s a huge variety of strapless bras that can make you look stunning and will keep you comfortable through the whole night.

For partying I’ll specially recommend having a backless strapless bra and a plunge strapless bra, both of them are a must-have on your closet, the backless strapless bra is the perfect companion for those garments that are open at back, since there’s no back band that can be seen but still keeps everything where it belongs and you’ll be looking fabulous. On the other hand we have the plunge strapless bra, stays fit in its place and features a low center, in order to work along with your cleavage or those garments with open-front, some of these bras also have a push-up

padding that will help you enhancing your breast. Now, if you are looking for more support, not only in your breast but also in your whole body, a good strapless control slip may be the cherry on top for your outfit, this amazing garment’s main purpose is to keep any bulge in control, making your curves look more appealing and giving you a slimmer look, while staying invisible under your clothes by the naked eye; give it a try and see for yourself that mixing the strapless bra of your preference with a strapless control slip is the best you can do when dressing up for a special occasion. For post party excitement don’t forget nipple pasties.

So now you have everything you need to enjoy yourself freely and comfortable while dancing, you can make your very own stage out of the party and be the center of attention anywhere you go with your stunning appearance, be the life and soul of the party and glow with confidence all night long. Go out and party on!

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dress shields

Dress Shields for Safety

Dress Shields for Safety published on

Hi there! Let’s talk about one of the many daily life struggles, everybody is welcome to relate; whether it’s a hot day or you’re running late, or maybe both! We all seem to have to deal with the same problem, the sweat; sweating is the natural way our body tries to fresh up, but it can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, everyone else can tell you’re sweating by the huge marks on your clothes, or even worse by smell; that’s the moment when you find yourself on the bathroom trying desperately to get rid of any track of sweat, but this can be hard and the smell easily stays in the clothes, no matter how much you try to pour water or cologne on it, and as if it weren’t enough the sweat can also ruin your clothes completely, by leaving permanent yellow stains; the whole situation is just awful, luckily the solution to our problem has been created under the name of armpit sweat pads, the main purpose of this accessory is to keep your armpit dry, and covering your clothes from sweat.
Dress shields usually can be found in two versions, disposable or washables; each dress shield looks like an oval towel covering the entire armpit; disposable ones use a “peel and stick” system to stay still in their place, if we look deep into these useful accessories we can see that they can be a little puffed because they are made with more than one layer, in order to neutralize the bad odor and keep your underarm and clothes completely dry.

Easy and quick to put in place and use, plus keeping you comfortable and dry the whole day, dress shields are a good investment for sure, everyone should have a package of disposable and at least three washable shields, this way you will never run out of them, they are invisible to the naked eye under clothes and some of them even bring some straps in order for you to feel safe and be sure that they stay in place; you can also pick which shape suits you better since they have more than the regular one to offer; or even get yourself a pair of sew- in dress shields so they’ll stay always with the blouse of your preference. So now you know the amazing features a dress shield has to offer, and how they can be an important addition to your daily routine while you won’t even notice you’re wearing them! Aren’t they great? Once you try a pair of these, there’s no way back.

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Goddess Bras

Goddess Bras for Plus Sizes

Goddess Bras for Plus Sizes published on

In the past it was difficult to find lovely designed bras that will perfectly fit and give all the support a full figured woman needs, some of them didn’t even carry up to C sizes, but times have changed and now plus sizes bras have more presence and variety on the market, today we’ll talk about one of the brands with larger variety on plus size bras and complete understanding of the needs of well-endowed women, as is Goddess brand.
When speaking of plus sized bras Goddess can’t be left out, is a well-known brand that means quality and tradition; Goddess has been on the market for 50 years now always offering elegant and classic designs while giving the best support and comfort, they carry sizes that surpass J cup, isn’t that amazing? Not only they offer a large variety of sizes but styles, some of their collections come in floral and colorful designs apart of the common and useful colors as black, nude and white, that we all need and love.

Also Goddess offers more than larger cup sizes, it offers the best comfort with its practical designs; Goddess bras feature a wider band that minimize the bulges formed under the armpit, smoothing their look under clothes; their straps are also wider than the common, giving you a better hold of your breast while minimizing the weight on your shoulders, most of their bras also come full cup shaped to keep everything where it belongs and under control, distinguish by their classical and elegant designs, so as you can see those 50 years of experience on the underwear market were not in vain and have already borne fruit with a remarkable fame and good reputation that is still raising. Among all the marvelous styles they offer, the customers have highlighted some collections, “Kayla” and “Keira” which have caused stir among customers on the Internet, especially the banded bras with U back from both collections, featuring colorful options and great support.

A trustworthy brand that has been dedicating all their hard work on making high quality bras for the curvy woman, fulfilling their needs and creating the best companion for an active daily routine, maintaining an incredible amount of happy and loyal customers that increases with the passing of time. If you haven’t tried any of your products I invite you to do it. A good way to start could be purchasing any of the two collections I previously recommended, there’s no way you regret buying these bras, I definitely don’t, they are truly amazing and I’ll look forward to see what this brand has to offer in the future, so come on! Would you give it a try? You can visit the manufacturer Click Here

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Timpa Bras

Bras – My Big Adventure

Bras – My Big Adventure published on

Hello there! Today I’ll share a story which I bet a lot of you can relate with, is about the struggles we’ve experienced in order to find out which size is the perfect one for us when it comes to bras.
In the past I’ve made terrible choices when shopping bras, I didn’t know which size and cup was the proper one for me, so I found myself wearing bigger bras than I should, only because I thought they felt more comfortable; well that extra comfort has an extra price which I discover later when I use it under my shirt and not only the cup were sticking out as it was too big for me but it also didn’t give me the support I needed, which is the whole purpose to use bras, anyway there I was, feeling uncomfortable since I couldn’t move freely without my breast bouncing and my useless cup obviously noticing under my shirt. Oh boy! You can think that I immediately learn from that situation, but I didn’t, by that moment I couldn’t realize that it was me picking the wrong size, instead I used to think that it was just that bra not working for me, well it took me a couple of years of stubbornness and ignorance to learn my lesson, when finally I saw the light.
One day I noticed that I couldn’t keep avoiding buying bras anymore, I urgently needed new bras since the older ones wouldn’t resist any longer, so I went shopping and spent hours trying bras, it had been a while since last time, I was so tired and hopeless that I finally decided to give a shot on a different size that the vendor recommended me; that bra didn’t stick out and give me the support I was looking for, of course it was tighter than my last choices but it still was comfortable enough, she also recommended to adjust the straps enough to keep them fit and not leave them loosely (as I used to), that day I also bought a couple of strap cushions, which honestly I had no idea such a wonderful accessory even existed, but now I do.
I’ve also realized there’s a lot of rules and recommendations when it comes to bras, fitting and their different styles; I was so clueless about the whole topic and kept spending money on bras that didn’t suit me at all (shame on me!).

At first you can’t imagine that buying bras will have so much to learn about, it seems as easy as pick one and buy it, but I’ve learned that is much easier to listen to advice from people that actually know best on this matter than thinking you know best when the results shows otherwise. I can finally say that I know which size is the proper one for me, and now I can even buy them on-line knowing that it’ll fit me just right. Hopefully you’ll be wiser than me and won’t make this same mistake more than once for several years. Thanks for reading this personal experience, if you happen to be going through something similar, just ask for guidance it’ll cost you less (literally). Good luck!

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Bralettes – Trending Fashion

Bralettes – Trending Fashion published on

Hello there! Today I’d like to talk to you about a trend that we’ve been seeing for quite a while, it consists on the exposure of bralettes and combining them with outfits on your daily routine, you probably have seen it, well if you were thinking that this trend was about to disappear, it seems you couldn’t be more wrong; this trending is here to stay and its followers are increasing every minute. It seems that even though this year is almost over, this trend is firmly standing still; it started especially around young girls but with the recent increase of followers, this fashion movement is making its own way to adults by making combinations that give a more discreet look to go to work, for example mixing your bralette of preference with a blazer and a high-waisted pants or skirt, is one of the favorite outfits for today’s women.

Though this trend has started a time ago, it has been improving and this year the most popular bralettes were those that are triangle shaped, those that are made with lace and those that mixes the previous two features. This trend has also taken over the red carpet; a lot of female celebrities can be seen wearing bralettes on formal events or even when walking casually on streets. Bralettes are usually worn under shirts that are revealing, for a casual look, those that are open at sides, at back or a little bit at front, only enough to show the cute top cup design; while using shorts, skirts, jeans and pants, whether you use them high waisted or low cut it will be the perfect companion, if you’re seeking for an elegant look, the bralette can be worn under any blazer, as you can see the bralette is a really versatile garment and definitely a must-have in your closet if you like to be fashionable.
If you want to take part of this rising trend I recommend you to start buying a black bralette, black is a classic and elegant color, can be easily combined with other colors while making a beautiful contrast, if you’re not used to show that much skin, there’s no need to force you to do something you’re not comfortable with, as I previously say bralette trend is adaptable and you can start by using a shirt, sweater or even a jacket, every outfit you combine with a bralette can also be worn with any type of shoes, there’s no boundaries for your fashion creativity, you’ll feel free and comfy, literally, since most of bralettes are wireless and soft, you can barely notice you’re wearing it. What do you think? Do you like this trend, would you try it? I have to say that I absolutely love it.

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