Hello there! Today I’ll share a story which I bet a lot of you can relate with, is about the struggles we’ve experienced in order to find out which size is the perfect one for us when it comes to bras.
In the past I’ve made terrible choices when shopping bras, I didn’t know which size and cup was the proper one for me, so I found myself wearing bigger bras than I should, only because I thought they felt more comfortable; well that extra comfort has an extra price which I discover later when I use it under my shirt and not only the cup were sticking out as it was too big for me but it also didn’t give me the support I needed, which is the whole purpose to use bras, anyway there I was, feeling uncomfortable since I couldn’t move freely without my breast bouncing and my useless cup obviously noticing under my shirt. Oh boy! You can think that I immediately learn from that situation, but I didn’t, by that moment I couldn’t realize that it was me picking the wrong size, instead I used to think that it was just that bra not working for me, well it took me a couple of years of stubbornness and ignorance to learn my lesson, when finally I saw the light.
One day I noticed that I couldn’t keep avoiding buying bras anymore, I urgently needed new bras since the older ones wouldn’t resist any longer, so I went shopping and spent hours trying bras, it had been a while since last time, I was so tired and hopeless that I finally decided to give a shot on a different size that the vendor recommended me; that bra didn’t stick out and give me the support I was looking for, of course it was tighter than my last choices but it still was comfortable enough, she also recommended to adjust the straps enough to keep them fit and not leave them loosely (as I used to), that day I also bought a couple of strap cushions, which honestly I had no idea such a wonderful accessory even existed, but now I do.
I’ve also realized there’s a lot of rules and recommendations when it comes to bras, fitting and their different styles; I was so clueless about the whole topic and kept spending money on bras that didn’t suit me at all (shame on me!).

At first you can’t imagine that buying bras will have so much to learn about, it seems as easy as pick one and buy it, but I’ve learned that is much easier to listen to advice from people that actually know best on this matter than thinking you know best when the results shows otherwise. I can finally say that I know which size is the proper one for me, and now I can even buy them on-line knowing that it’ll fit me just right. Hopefully you’ll be wiser than me and won’t make this same mistake more than once for several years. Thanks for reading this personal experience, if you happen to be going through something similar, just ask for guidance it’ll cost you less (literally). Good luck!

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