Audrey Bra by GoddessIn the past it was difficult to find lovely designed bras that will perfectly fit and give all the support a full figured woman needs, some of them didn’t even carry up to C sizes, but times have changed and now plus sizes bras have more presence and variety on the market, today we’ll talk about one of the brands with larger variety on plus size bras and complete understanding of the needs of well-endowed women, as is the Goddess Bra Company.
When speaking of plus sized bras Goddess can’t be left out, is a well-known brand that means quality and tradition; Goddess has been on the market for 50 years now always offering elegant and classic designs while giving the best support and comfort, they carry sizes that surpass J cup, isn’t that amazing? Not only they offer a large variety of sizes but styles, some of their collections come in floral and colorful designs apart of the common and useful colors as black, nude and white, that we all need and love.

Also Goddess bras offer more than larger cup sizes, it offers the best comfort with its practical designs; Goddess bras feature a wider band that minimize the bulges formed under the armpit, smoothing their look under clothes; their straps are also wider than the common, giving you a better hold of your breast while minimizing the weight on your shoulders, most of their bras also come full cup shaped to keep everything where it belongs and under control, distinguish by their classical and elegant designs, so as you can see those 50 years of experience on the underwear market were not in vain and have already borne fruit with a remarkable fame and good reputation that is still raising. Among all the marvelous styles they offer, the customers have highlighted some collections, “Kayla” and “Keira” which have caused stir among customers on the Internet, especially the banded bras with U back from both Keira Bra by Goddesscollections, featuring colorful options and great support.

A trustworthy brand that has been dedicating all their hard work on making high quality bras for the curvy woman, fulfilling their needs and creating the best companion for an active daily routine, maintaining an incredible amount of happy and loyal customers that increases with the passing of time. If you haven’t tried any of your products I invite you to do it. A good way to start could be purchasing any of the two collections I previously recommended, there’s no way you regret buying these bras, I definitely don’t, they are truly amazing and I’ll look forward to see what this brand has to offer in the future, so come on! Would you give it a try? You can visit a Goddess Retailer at

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