Anita Nursing BraHello! Today’s entry is for all the new mothers out there that can relate, being mother is truly beautiful but I think we can all agree that sometimes things can get difficult, trying to keep everything in order while baby sleeps, the frequent diaper change, the lack of sleeping, the huge backpack full of all the things a baby needs and let’s not talk about when they get sick, it’s the worse! Especially since a newborn can’t tell you what’s wrong and one can overreact to it, but hey! Better safe than sorry, right?

Well in the middle of all this chaos, life keeps going and so do we, since I don’t have a car I take the subway everyday to everywhere, and since I still have to breastfeed my baby, I have more nursing bras than days in a week. The first time I had to nurse my baby on the subway was really uncomfortable and awkward, I felt everyone was staring at me but now that I think about it that wasn’t the case at all (at least not mine), anyway I still accomplished my mission, now it’s not a big deal anymore, but then yesterday something embarrassing, that I hope not many of you have had experienced, happened to me. Yesterday I was heading to the doctor with my baby so he could get his medical control examination, as I was on my way I had to feed my baby, once he was done I clean myself a little bit and put some nursing pads because I noticed I still had milk on my breast, anyway everything seemed to be okay until I heard a “click”, it was such a subtle noise that I thought it was nothing, when out of the blue a young woman who was sitting in front on me started pointing me out while her eyes were gotten bigger, It surprised me and I immediately started checking on myself when I looked down, oh my! How embarrassing! There was milk all over my shirt, it seems that the little “click” was my once reliable nursing bra that now was broken, leaving my left breast helpless, it was uncovered plus my left nursing pad fell and that’s how the milk spilled all over me and my shirt, I   felt that I was about to cry because of the embarrassment but I hold it, avoid any type of eye contact, tried to clean myself without much success until I finally decided to cover myself with a blanket and carry on, I was only two stops away of my destiny, so I keep staring at my baby the whole time, now I can joke about it but at that moment I was just holding my tears; as soon as the gates opened I took my way out, everything was fine and I got myself back home on a cab. It was a though day, now I can talk to you about it and even laugh, if something similar ever happen to you, please remember that you’re not alone and everything will be just fine, we’re just humans and from time to time even the most reliable items that make your life easier can left you hanging, but it’s okay, you’ll laugh about it in the near future. Thanks for reading and cheers for being a blessed mother despite the entire struggle!

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